Ron Santa Teresa is an idependent family-owned company from Venezuela built on over 200 years of tradition. During 2021 I worked on art direction and curation for Santa Teresa rum social media account.

Art direction
Social Media Content & Curation
Set Design
Client: Santa Teresa 1796
Commissioned by: Rosàs Agency
Year: 2021

We created our own way to present cocktail recipes: a panoramic shot that will show the method and the ingredients step by step, so that the user can travel through the recipe by the use of an Instagram carousel.

In order to show the Santa Teresa values we shot differents moments of Santa Teresa lifestyle, based on premmiumnes, gender inclusive and the rugby. Also, showcasing all the different ways you can drink Santa Teresa 1796.

To demonstrate how to make a cocktail with Santa Teresa 1796 we shot these videos, with Geoff Robinson (the global brand ambassador of Santa Teresa 1796), focused on the process and the sounds around the process, creating ASMR cocktails videos. 

Art direction: Tamara González
Copy: Inés Masip
Photography: Velasco & Hu, Guillermo Tejedor
Video: Guillermo Tejedor
Video editing: Clara de Ramon

Art direction &
graphic design