Lo Siguiente is the Wallapop web show, presented by Luc Lorén and Mara Jiménez (@croquetamente__), where, through different guests, they comment and debate on the main concerns about Generation Z.

The collaborative economy, the climate emergency, human relations, cyberculture, responsible fashion or DIY decoration are some of the topics.
Client: Wallapop
Year: 2022

In its third season, “Lo Siguiente” changed its format: it became a magazine program instead of a podcast.

My job was to develop the graphic identity of this new program. Carol Sánchez developed the animations of all the graphics.

Lo Siguiente deals with a diversity of topics spoken by different guests, where each one contributes their point of view. The result is a conversation full of concepts, points of view, ideas, alternatives, concerns, solutions and proposals for the topics discussed.

Therefore, the logo represents all this diversity through its letters and shapes. To enhance the concept of "The Next” (Lo Siguiente) we use forms to represent movement, fluidity. In this way, we obtain a unique logo, which is closer to lettering than typography, where each letter gives us the diversity of the show.

Carol Sánchez was the motion designer, creating all the graphics animations, maintaining the idea of a dynamic and optimistic identity. And also working on the concept of transformation, evolution and change.

Graphic Design Identity: Tamara González
Motion: Carol Sánchez (@carolillustration)

Art direction
& graphic design