AKÍBA is a massage and well-being space in Barcelona that works on conscious massages in order to release all the tensions accumulated on a daily basis.

It was devised in Malabo and created in Barcelona, which is why it maintains a strong link with Africa. AKÍBA has sustainable and solidarity values. Respects the environment and promotes fair trade and responsible consumption. In addition, it sends part of its profits to associations that help eradicate malaria and fight hunger in Africa.
Client: AKÍBA
Year: 2022

The complete identity tries to represent the essence of wellness and sustainability of the AKÍBA brand, as well as its relationship with Africa.

The logo's geometric shape is inspired by the geometries patterns that we can find in traditional African fabrics. This logo idea has also helped us to generate AKÍBA's own range of patterns: using each letter of the logo as a starting point, we've played with letter position and repetition to create different unique AKÍBA patterns but with African inspiration.

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