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At &Rosàs we realized that we spend the whole year creating messages of brands, so that women buy their products or hire their services. However, in a day like the 8M, we thought it was fair to do it in the opposite way. Therefore, we created a digital campaign in which we asked women how they wanted to see themselves reflected in adverts, so then we could create messages with their opinions and getting them accross to the different brands.
Agency: &Rosàs 
Year: 8M 2019

During all day, we were reading their ideas and giving them a voice through our Instagram, with the intention of making brands aware about the necessity of getting away from all gender stereotypes and represent a more real woman.

In order not to lose their opinions, we chose the most representative and I designed them:

Graphic Design: Tamara González
&Rosàs Team: Inés Masip, Iraxte Reparaz, Libe Amunarriz, Patricia Tormo, Isis Boet & Tamara González 

Special thanks to Inés Masip ︎